20 Ağustos 2010 Cuma

FriendFeed yönetimine 5 posta hesabı ile ilgili İngilizce açıklama

Statement about my previous complaint and 5posta account restoring

I have been subjected to a huge e-lynch campaign and black propaganda on FriendFeed since I complained this Child Porn material on http://ff.im/pdj8g on 5posta account in 16th and 17th August 2010. Porn spammers on FF insulted me like such words "Great asshole, idiot, dumbass, illiterate, most famous troll" in English and "yavşak, sikkolasyon, Mezardaki ananı bile elimden kurtaramayacaklar, o. ç., bu feed de sana girsin, ibne, embesil" etc. in Turkish all that night long and nowadays...

First of all, this was only a basic personal complaint. FF administration accepted this complaint and suspended 5posta account. Then, The FF Administration implicitly admitted the child porn or related material that was found in 5posta account. Even, A FF administrator regarded this responsible behaviour with that words: "this is good that you report it .. let sysadmin take note and veto if TOS is violated. Always better to report in.. rather then be a silent partner in crime - Peter Dawson"

Alleged CP related content was as follows: "A little Asian girl with fishnet stocking and her so-called saliva"

After 7 hours, The FF Administration removed the CP related content from 5posta account and restored it.

On the contrary, as if e-lynch and 5 posta supporters had won a victory, they continued to insult me, even more.

5 posta and his stooges allege to removed content is not child pornography and target me for his content removing. They have converted this issue to a blood feud. Too many threats and insults wrote on his FF account his blog, his and his supporters' twitter account about me. For example: http://twitter.com/ruthbenedict "We sent the cleaner staff to Levent Elpen's house, don't panic." (temizlikçiyi levent elpen'in evine yolladık, don't panic.)

Finally, 5 posta has just made too many untruthful allegations and conspiracy theories (!) about me in his blog and reblog this content to FF account. Consequently, huge e-lynch campaign and black propaganda about me continues in full course on FriendFeed.

Aside from everything, spammer-pornographer supporters are not able to answer to this question: "If 5posta was innocent and his CP allegation was untrue, why it was removed this content, by FF administration?"

They claim this content is not child pornography or related and it is necessary scientific tests like "Miller-Test" to define whether this is CP or not.

However, The U.S. Code define the child pornography without any doubt:

§ 2256. Definitions for chapter

(8) “child pornography” means any visual depiction, including any photograph, film, video, picture, or computer or computer-generated image or picture, whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical, or other means, of sexually explicit conduct, where—
(A) the production of such visual depiction involves the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct;
(B) such visual depiction is a digital image, computer image, or computer-generated image that is, or is indistinguishable from, that of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or
(C) such visual depiction has been created, adapted, or modified to appear that an identifiable minor is engaging in sexually explicit conduct.
(9) “identifiable minor”—
(A) means a person—
(I) who was a minor at the time the visual depiction was created, adapted, or modified; or
(II) whose image as a minor was used in creating, adapting, or modifying the visual depiction; and
(ii) who is recognizable as an actual person by the person’s face, likeness, or other distinguishing characteristic, such as a unique birthmark or other recognizable feature; and
(B) shall not be construed to require proof of the actual identity of the identifiable minor.


5 posta and supporters claim that he is against to child pornography and he is a member of Swedish Pirate Party who is working against CP. But, 5 posta has not any studying or article on child pornography and he does not declare that he is against to CP, clearly. On the contrary, his web site 5posta.org is full of pornographic and child pornographic related material and articles.

Besides, to be a member of Pirate Party is not a sufficient reason to be against to child pornography. As you know, Jörg Tauss, a member of German Pirate Party, punished because he possessed criminal child pornographic material on 28th May 2010.

Accordingly, these 5posta FF account posts contain pornographic, child-pornographic and animal-pornographic material. Please note that:

http://ff.im/oLNex, http://ff.im/ojC9T, http://ff.im/oAX6l (naked children), http://ff.im/orcxZ (A Dominican girl, 13 or 14 years old), http://ff.im/oruMa, http://ff.im/oruM9, http://ff.im/opFKP, http://ff.im/o43uC (animal porn: mother's ass), http://ff.im/o3Tbi (animal porn), http://ff.im/nX2MU (animal porn), http://ff.im/nHPxI (sadistic), http://ff.im/nHPxy, http://ff.im/nEqit (when I see this, I see a little slave girl who has fucked up and knows it. Is that what everyone else sees or is this me peering through my perv lens again? - http://5posta.tumblr.com/post/808124121), http://ff.im/nDj61 (sado-masochistic), http://ff.im/nzqir (sado-masochistic), http://ff.im/nCaei, http://ff.im/jID3D, http://ff.im/dyytD (animaly porn).

Levent Elpen

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